Growl.log and Perl

I really like Growl. It’s the kind of thing that ‘just works’, and they do it nicely. It tells me when someone send me a message when I’m not present, or updates some files in my Dropbox shared folders. Or when I receive a new Pinboard bookmark. And lot of other things. You may not like the number of notifications, but you can customize it.

The point is, the notifications go away after a certain amount of time. They may have been important, but if I don’t read them immediatly, they’re gone from my desktop. Luckily there’s the Growl.log file. It is basically a file which reports any Growl activity. To enable it, type in the terminal (change YOUR_USERNAME with your username)

touch ~/Library/Logs/Growl.log
defaults write com.Growl.GrowlHelperApp GrowlLoggingEnabled -bool YES
defaults write com.Growl.GrowlHelperApp GrowlLogType 1
defaults write com.Growl.GrowlHelperApp "Custom log history 1" /Users/YOUR_USERNAME/Library/Logs/Growl.log

Unfortunately the way the log is ugly. So I said tried to make it nicer with perl. The point is, I don’t know perl. I had to google a lot, but I’m satisfied with the resulting

In order to use it, save it somewhere, let’s say ~/Dropbox/Scripts/ Then from a terminal type

touch ~/Library/Logs/growl_geek.log
chmod +x ~/Dropbox/Scripts/

Then you’re done. You may even wish to have GeekTool display the prettified growl_geek.log. I do with the command ~/Dropbox/Scripts/ && tail -20l ~/Library/Logs/secondgrowl.log, where 20 is the number of line from the end of the log you wish to display.