What would you buy first?

Ben Brooks asks: if you would have to rebuy all of your software, which would be the order of buying? Here’s mine

  • Mathematica This is what I need for work. Without Dropbox, I’d sync with unison.
  • Dropbox
  • Papers To manage my papers collection. This would be a good moment to buy version 2.
  • 1Password
  • Launchbar
  • Delibar To manage my pinboard bookmarks
  • Quickcursor To edit any text field with Emacs.
  • Flow Yeah, I don’t use Transmit
  • Lightroom I’m still stuck at version 2 though. Good enough for me.
  • Graphclick Again, I use it for work, but not as much as Mathematica
  • Find any file Cheap, but incredibly useful and well done.
  • Adobe Creative Suite. I can buy this for 30$ through my university (yep, no typo), and I use Illustrator all the time.
  • Office. I don’t link to it, but that’s what I use to prepare my talks.

So… how would I do all my writing then, including this very blog post? Emacs (part of Mac OS X as well).