Maciej at Beyond Tellerand

I need to be on vacation in a house without internet connectivity1 to catch up with what is happening on the web. So two months after Maciej Cegłowski gave a talk at Beyond Tellerand in Düsseldorf, here am I, linking to it.

The talk is about the consequences of the internet on our lives. Maciej worked at Yahoo and runs a profitable business selling something (almost) all his competitors are giving away for free so he’s no stupid and mostly knows what he’s saying. As a bonus, his sense of humour is almost unmatched on the web (follow him if you don’t believe me).

If you’re short on time (like me), at least read it up to the second animal picture. But you’ll miss gems like:

You can dress up a bug and call it a feature. You can also put dog crap in the freezer and call it ice cream. But people can taste the difference.

  1. You may see this post appear on my site days (if not weeks) after I wrote it. ↩︎