Long time, no signs

It has been almost two years since my last blog post. My new year resolution is to not let that happen again.

I have some good reason for that though. Without any particular order:

  • I became father for the third time. Little Elena, as charming as she is, still keeps me awake more than needed (02);
  • I became a doctor in Theoretical Physics (02);
  • I finished my contract with FOM after four years of research (30);
  • I worked for a year at KPMG NL, as a consultant (01 – 30/09/2013); I spontaneously left to become a
  • Data Whisperer at GoDataDriven (01 – today). GoDataDriven is an amazing company, with a stellar team of colleagues.

You may notice a pattern up there: end of September, begin October is always busy.