Web Excursions for April 01, 2014

Prune all those pesky branches that you have already merged, both locally and from remotes. On GitHub.
Is it better for Discourse to use JavaScript or CoffeeScript? - Discourse Meta
On the disadvantages of using coffescript instead of javascript
Datalicious Notebookmania – My favorite 7 IPython Notebooks
One of the most remarkable features of this year’s Strataconf was the almost universal use of IPython notebooks in presentations and tutorials. This framework not only allows the speakers to demons…
Text File formats – ASCII Delimited Text – Not CSV or TAB delimited text
ASCII delimited text solves the problems exporting and importing structured text files and is part of the design of the character set. Unfortunately a lot of people and systems use CSV and other printable delimiters such as tab that are broken by design.
It’s showtime in a terminal near you! Put on your best colours, resize to 80 columns, and let your fingers fly!