A couple of days ago I moved the blog and the website over to Netlify.

The reasons are simple:

  • The site was previously hosted on S3 + Cloudfront, but I didn’t have https enabled;
  • I didn’t know how to enable https although I must not be too hard;
  • The application I was using to deploy to S3 — called Stout — was unmaintained and growing old.

Every time I’ve read comments on Netlify the message was the same: it’s easy to set up, and once you’ve set it up, you can forget about it.

I gave myself 5' to try: if I could do it, good, otherwise I would stay on the current setup.

Well, not only I could do it, but the whole project was undistinguishable from magic. They took care of everything for and, including serving the naked domain (previously it would be forwarded to, something that always bothered me).

As they integrate with GitHub and hugo, I don’t even need to build the website anymore, they do it for me every time I push the repo!

So the end result is that you can read this blog without fearing that someone has tampered with the content!