Professional Business Writing by the Economist.

Very happy to share that I’ve passed the Professional Communication: Business Writing and Storytelling course by The Economist, obtaining a final grade of 87%.

What are the 7 key takeaways that fit in a short post?

  1. Think about the briefing: what’s the main message, who’s the audience, what’s the medium
  2. Then think about the key points you want to make to get your message across
  3. Order your key points on a map to form a journey. Is the path from one point to the next logical? Are there logical gaps?
  4. Write the intro — a catchy sentence or two that invites the reader to take the journey — and the executive summary — ideally covering most key points
  5. Then put some evidence or arguments beside each point
  6. At this moment, you should have a solid enough structure and text that you can produce a first draft
  7. Once the draft is ready, polish, polish, polish.
  8. [Bonus] Grammarly is an excellent tool for non-native English speakers. For example, I use commas the Italian way — it just sounds right to me — and apparently, some actual rules dictate how to use them in English.

You can enroll on their site.