Men Children

An interview with Lyz Lenz

In the quoted toot, Lyz Lenz offers the wrong solution to a wide-spread societal problem: men who have remained children.

Our society tries to delay or prevent people growing up: making irreversible decisions, taking responsibility, caring for someone else more than for yourself, suffering.

Women are forced to much of the above when they become mothers (an irreversible decision, they take responsibility for the newborn, they will defend their child with their life, and laboring is a lot of suffering).

Men, on the other hand, can skip everything when they become fathers: they can leave and, when they stay, they can pretend to continue as nothing happened.

The tragedy is a that the situation creates a vicious cycle: as the father is absent or doesn’t take up his duties as a father, the mother protects her child even more, making it hard for the child to grow.